Turning Your Home on to Pendant Lights

Sure, pendant lights are a great way to light up your living room or kitchen, but did you ever consider styling your living space around them? Sounds absurd, but hear me out. If your place lacks furniture, the proper amount of lighting will turn your pad into a livable social haven perfect for celebrity style soirees. (However, if you have an overabundance of furniture, no amount of lighting will save you, but that’s another story we’ll work on later).

Consider the following scenarios: let’s say you live in a place that happens to have cathedral ceilings (lucky you!) and you’re looking to add some vibrant but not overly dramatic lighting into your home. Stick with contemporary styles that work in a variety of rooms and homes, preferably something with scavo vintage glass or with marblesque glass diffusers and finished in either a chrome or non-patina bronzes. Stay away from narrow, coniferous-shaped, and boxy shades unless you’re looking to give your home a mod, Frank Lloyd Wright prairie-inspired ambiance.

If you live in a smaller space like a high-rise loft in the city or a studio apartment, and you’re looking to jazz up your place with an urban-contemporary/artsy edge, I suggest going for anything with bold color and unusual shapes. Glass, PVC, silk shades in a variety of styles will truly transform your home. A word of advice if you’re taking this route – less is more. Granted, there’s a lot more versatility when it comes to choosing the perfect pendant light for your place, but don’t go too over-the-top, honey; there’s a fine line between edgy and kitsch, and trust me, you don’t want to go kitsch!

What’s great about pendant lights is that if you hang them in corner spaces or skewed from the absolute center of any room, your space automatically turns into a living art exhibit. Group about three or four ceiling pendants together, or line them up in a curvilinear fashion and, bam! Glorious light in your life (and home, of course)!