Home Business 101 – Why Do You Want to Be in Business? What is Your WHY?

Starting a business is hard work. It’s not easy. There will be long hours and difficult decisions. And yes – there will be sacrifices (probably more than you can imagine). If you for a minute believe the flashy capture page on the internet where some “guru” tells you that you can sit on your couch in your PJ’s and earn “$6,000.00 per week after only 30 to 60 days of using his (or her) system”, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. On-line, off-line, from your home, or from a storefront, starting a business is having a plan, setting up your own system that works for you, and getting one customer and one sale at a time. If you are looking to get rich quick you’re looking in the wrong place in this series of articles. If, on the other hand, you’re serious about starting your own business from your home, stick with me and I’ll tell you how to do it.

Starting A Business From Home- Many people try. Few people succeed. Most of those that do succeed have a very BIG WHY

Here are a few of the reasons people give me when I ask “why do you want to start your own Business?”, and the answer/question I usually respond with:

“I need to make more money” – A/Q “WHY do you need to make more money?”

“I want to work for myself” – A/Q “WHY do you want to work for yourself?”

“I want to spend more time with my family” – A/Q “Why do you want to spend more time with your family? – what do you hope to accomplish by this?”

“I need to supplement my family’s income” – A/Q “Why – what will you gain by doing this?”

So I guess it comes down to some questions – what is your goal – your dream – what picture do you see in your mind as the end result of all your hard work and sacrifice? That dream – that picture in your mind, is your WHY. Next question – “Is Your Why Big Enough?”

That question – “Is Your Why Big Enough?” – brings to mind a couple of quotations:

“Successful people do things that other people don’t want to do.” (Jim Rohn)

“It is easier to accept a poor life than it is to work hard for a better one.”(Earl Nightingale)

Is your WHY big enough to make you do the things that unsuccessful people don’t do? To overcome the inertia that makes us satisfied to be less than we could be? It better be, or I don’t give you much chance of making a success of your new business venture.

What is your WHY? I don’t know, but down deep within you, YOU DO! Even if you’ve never thought about it before.

To better illustrate, let me tell you why I choose to finish this article on a Sunday evening when I could be watching a ball game or a movie, or taking a walk, or any number of other things I enjoy doing? What makes me get on the phone to talk to a prospect for my business when I really don’t like telephone prospecting? Simple my WHY is big enough. I know if I do these things I will achieve my goals, and at the end result of reaching all my goals is my WHY.

A quote by Friedrich Nietzsche is applicable; “He that has a WHY to live for, can bear almost any How.”

So I suggest that the route to discovering your WHY is through goal setting. Most people don’t bother setting goals for themselves, and drift through life like a ship without a rudder and no sense of direction. Why do they do that? Remember the earlier quote from Earl Nightingale? “It is easier to accept a poor life than it is to work hard for a better one.” That’s the reason – it’s easier.

Goal setting is an art that takes work and it’s hard, not easy. But I will tell you that if you take the time to examine your life, and set goals for areas you want to improve you will discover your WHY. ” How?” you ask – simple – look at your major goals and ask yourself WHY you set those goals. What will your life be like when you achieve all your goals? That point in your life, that lifestyle, those relationships – that is your WHY!

So your WHY is the reason that you do things that other people (and you) don’t want to do. The reason you work evenings, the reason you get on the telephone to talk to prospects, the reason you are willing to make so many sacrifices at this point in your life.

Is your WHY big enough?

Make sure it is big enough to keep YOU going!

Look for the next article in this series – “Home Business 101 – Are You Right For A Home Business?”