Home Heating: Money Saving Advice

When it comes to heating our homes, many of us prefer to stick on an extra three layers of clothing and ride it out because no matter how cold it gets; nothing could be that bad as to make us want to cave and face those crippling heating bills. It is the same every winter; no matter how cold it gets we fear switching on the heating or having too many hot showers out of fear that the cost would be too unbearable. Did you know however that, no matter how much you are convinced it isn’t possible; there are in fact a few things you can do in order to save money on your bills?

Saving money on your heating doesn’t always involve sticking on an extra jumper and there is no instant fix that can shrink your bill to zero. There are however a few things you can do to minimise the cost and the strain you may face as the winter continues to carry on…

  • Upgrade- Changing your entire heating system might be too much of a cost but why not instead update your controls? With old systems, getting the best heat is difficult and we often have to turn up the thermostat as high as possible but by having a new thermostat fitted you can control the temperature better and get more accurate results. Consider fitting in a timer too in order to get increasing control.
  • Shower Control- It is far too easy for a ten minuet shower to turn into a thirty minuet one, particularly in the winter which is why it would be beneficial to opt for a water efficient shower head. A water efficient shower head will ensure that there isn’t a unnecessary amount of water being used, no matter how powerful the urge to keep yourself warm.
  • Heating Oil- If you are looking to make longer term and more lasting savings why not switch to a heating oil system? Heating oil is considered to be the most efficient. With many popular systems deemed to have over 90% efficiency; you will easily be able to get the most for your money. There are also several buying groups based throughout the country which means that, if you participate and buy larger quantities of heating oil for less; you could wind up making even bigger savings.
  • Switch off at Night- From electric blankets to portable heaters, the right product can turn a good night sleep into the perfect night sleep but you may end up regretting it when that bill arrives. Heat up your house before bed and opt for a hot water bottle but keep your appliances switched off as the cost and the cost and the safety risk are not worth it.
  • Timing- No matter how nice it would be to come home to a house that is already heated; the cost would be tremendous. If you are out at work all day then leave your heating off as you are literally wasting away your money. No matter what time you get home, stick the heating on for an hour or two and your house will be thoroughly warmed up and you could make brilliant savings.

Heating bills are never easy for any of us to face however cutting costs and eliminating the financial strain isn’t difficult and doesn’t require half as much effort as you might think. The above tips are just a few of the things you can consider and hopefully they will get you on the right path to making those savings.

No matter when winter comes and how long it stays for, prepare yourself and get savvy to ensure you never have to face those scary costs again.