How To “Work From Home” With “Direct Sales Companies” And Have A Family – In 10 Steps

So you are looking to work from home? Many jump into a Direct Sales Companies, before going over what there expectations are as well as their families. Over 85% of entrepreneurs who start a Direct Sales Company have a family that they are providing for. For many that is the reason for joining a direct sales business to earn money online for their family.

If you have a family, and your are thinking of starting in one of the direct sales companies online, there are some strategies that you should take to make the transition easier. While a direct sales company allows you to work from home, there has to be boundaries, and expectations from yourself and your family.

Here is a 10 step guide to making your work from home experience an easier transition

1.) Set a schedule –

First set up a schedule. Your task for the day, your working hours, and if you have to pick up the kids, do laundry, and make supper. Write it all down Having a schedule at the beginning will help you to stick to your schedule and understand what your expectations are. As your direct sales companies grow, so will your list. Having a base line will help you as add new projects and task to your schedule.

2.) Have a Quiet Office Space

Kids are running around, televisions blaring, and the dogs barking. Okay to have complete quiet may only come with a sound proof room. But having a office away from the central living space of the home is important. with the television not distracting you, or the everyday commotion of the house. Your office should become your space where you are free to create, invent and explore your direct sales business.

3) Talk to your spouse

Talk openly to your spouse. The change is going to have an effect on them. Explain what your goals are and why you are working from home. You both have to be clear about each others expectations. Sometime when you work from home and the other goes to work there can be a question if you are really working when your home. sharing what you are doing will make this a team effort. You both should be on the same page and in agreement before taking step 4.

4,) Have A Family Meeting

Have a family meeting. No phone, and no television. Set it for a time with no distractions and everyone is home. Talk to them about your new direct sales companies. Explain the benefits to them, and outline clearly there role in helping you to build it successfully. You have to set boundaries. As an example you may say when my office door is closed I will need some privacy. Depending on the children’s age they will respect this. Make it clear that this is a new and exciting transition and you want to know there feelings on the matter. Keep the lines of communication open not only today but in the future.

5.) Explain to your Friends

Your friends call and want to have a gossip session, but you are busy and have to get some work done. Many well meaning people will think because you work from home you are available to them. Talk to them about your hours and expectations. Making sure they understand that even though you work from home, you are trying to build your direct sales company and need to work. However, make sure to set some time aside to keep in touch with those you care about.

6.) Be Consistent

When our children are young they are put on schedules and we work hard to be consistent with there schedules so they know what to expect. The same thing applies when you work from home. Your family and yourself will adjust if you are consistent. Have your work hours and off hours set. Soon they will see that you have more time for them because you do work from home. They will come to respect your boundaries and know what to expect from day to day.

7.) Delegate Responsibilities

You are a secretary, accountant, and manager of your direct sales companies. Then there maybe laundry, dishes to be washed, and supper to be made. Involve your family in some of the task. Make them feel like they are helping you. Give them some responsibilities according to age. It will not only eliminate some of your stress but they will feel involved.

8.) Celebrate Success

Your direct sales business has paid off. Time to Celebrate with the family. Share your success, show your excitement to them. Maybe go out for supper or have a game night. But sharing your success with your family will have them cheering for you and your business. So go a head and celebrate!

9.) Set a Goal that the whole family can shoot for

When you start in the direct sales companies you set goals for yourself. What your one month plan complete to your annual goals. Set a goal with the family. For an example, if the family has been wanting a new television, you can say once mom or dad reaches this income goal we will purchase a new television. This of course is an example, but it sets the family to have one common goal to work for.

10.) Have Fun

Why did you want to work from home? Why are you building a direct sales business? Do not forget your reasons. If it was more time with family, or vacations, do it. Do not go away from your reasons that you opted to work from home. Stick to them and accomplish them. Go ahead, have some fun, you work from home you can catch up on things later.

When starting one of the direct sales companies, and running it efficiently will be a family effort. You may have the desire to work from home, but setting expectations and boundaries with your family is important to the productivity of your new direct sales business. Its a work in progress, just keep the lines of communication open with your family, and soon everyone will appreciate that you are working from home.